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    Halloween is such a day; unusual costumes, tricks and treats, and accessories can be a problem if they are not well taken care of. People are not used to dressing like this all the time – Halloween is only once in a whole year – so they are not well experienced as to what may go wrong and how to handle them.

    What should you do to avoid hazards during Halloween? Go for easy Halloween costumes; they’ll make your life easier on that day.

    The number one thing is to take care not to be over the roof with your costumes. You can be virtually anything you feel like for Halloween, but make it a priority to ensure that your costumes are safe to wear.

    Go for quality and easy Halloween costume. If you’re good with craft and sewing, you can make your costume yourself, but be sure they are strong enough. If you’re not good in sewing, or you don’t have time to sew, you can always get your Halloween costume from the stores.

    Wig is a good accessory to spice up an easy Halloween costume. However, if you’re planning on using a wig or a mask, clean them up properly, or protect your hair before trying them out in the stores. Just before Halloween, a lot of people go into stores to try on masks and costumes; and very few people pay attention to the fact that they, or their kids can get lice from trying on costumes that many others tried out before them.

    Bonfires and lanterns are unarguably big part of Halloween. To this effect, you may want to avoid flammable Halloween costumes for Halloween. Many Halloween costumes are made out of flammable and cheap materials good enough to last just for one day or less. While it is good to cut cost, always have it in mind to go for easy Halloween costumes that are not flammable.


  • Celebrity Costumes Tips and Ideas from Pros

    Celebrity Costumes Tips and Ideas from Pros

    Are you planning to achieve a celebrity look this Halloween? Do you want to look celebrity’ for a special party? It is not a far-fetched dream. In fact, looking like a celebrity with your fashion statement is one of the easiest things to achieve. Keep reading to lean some great celebrity costumes tips and ideas.

    Tip #1: Get Pre-made Costumes
    The easiest and quickest way to look like a celebrity with your fashion statement is to get pre-made celebrity costumes. This will work best for people who have extra money to spend. So, head to a nearby costume shop or simply log on to the internet with just a click of the button to explore vast selections of celebrity fashions.
    One of the great benefits of going for premade celebrity clothing item is that you have the option of either purchasing or renting. If your budget is robust enough, you can stake out some funds to rent or purchase great celebrity costumes that suit varieties of occasions.

    Tip #2: Make Your Own Costume
    If you are putting a check on your spending, then pre-made celebrity clothing items may not be a better option. Instead, you should think of making your own costume. In fact, majority of the dresses and clothing items seen on celebrities look no different from regular people’s outfits from a regular wardrobe – the only difference is the price tag.
    Once you identify a line of celebrity look that you prefer, take the next step which is to put the essential accessories for the costume together. Typical examples of such accessories would include sleek black hand-gloves and stylish sunglasses.

    Tip #3: Highlight the Essence of the Costume
    Find the rest of the details, features or elements to complete your celebrity costume ensemble. In this case, it all depends on the highlights of the celebrity you wish to emulate with your celebrity attire.
    For instance, if you wish to mimic Lucille Ball, you should highly consider features such as red hair, which you can achieve by investing in a relevant wig.

    Tip #4: Copy Your Choice Celebrity
    Clothing is not all there is to achieving a celebrity look. You also need to know the mannerism of your preferred celebrity. In essence, you should study the way that a particular celebrity talks and walks.
    So, you need to complement your celebrity costumes with the right celebrity mannerism. This will put a complete and unmistakable seal to your celebrity fashion and appearance.
    Finally, other great ways to accentuate your celebrity costumes and fashion include working on your speech and accent, and embracing particular catch-phrases. You should also imitate how a celebrity seeps a drink to further perfect your choice of celebrity look.


  • 80’s Costumes for 80s Parties

    80’s Costumes for 80s Parties – Great Ideas and Tips for Guys

    Musical videos and movies greatly influenced men’s fashion in the 80s. Men in this era wore funky hairstyles, long gold chains and jewelry. The fashion trend for guys during this era also included long layered hair and even heavy makeup. Bring back the 80s memories and look different from the pack with your attractive 80s costumes for party. Keep reading to learn great tips and tricks.

    #1: Jam Shorts
    Back in the 80s, jams were fun fashion statement, not only guys but also for girls. They are simply mid-length shorts popularized by surfers. These shorts were usually available in stunning bright colors alongside floral and abstract patterns. However, the jam’s straight cut flatters men’s body more than it does to girls’ bodies. Till date, jams are still fashionable items and make a great wear for any 80s theme party. A brightly colored plain t-shirt will complement this clothing beautifully.

    #2: Preppy Costume and Look
    Looking preppy in your 80s costumes for any 80s theme party can get you the attention you seek. The best part is that it’s easy to look preppy like men who lived in the 80s. Start by turning your jean jacket’s collar up. This alone will provide you with a fabulous look that trended in the 80s.
    A great way to complement this costume is to have a polo shirt under the jean Jacket. Don’t forget to pop up the collars to achieve accentuated and trendy 1980’s look. This costume is a reminder of how a character in The Breakfast Club movie popped up both his denim jacket and flannel t-shirts’ collars.

    #3: Quick 80’s Look
    A great way to spend less and still look as though you’re directly from the 1980s is to splatter paint on an old cute dress shirt or sweatshirt. It is super fast and home-made. The tools you need for the task are larger paint brushes and tooth brush. While the splattered paint 80’s costumes were more suitable for men, they also suit women. You will surely look admiringly different in this fashion for 80s party.
    #4: Acid Wash Jeans and Jeans with Large Holes
    During the 80s, everyone wanted to be seen with acid wash jeans. Also, jeans with big tears and holes were all the rage during this era. It was also trendy to find guys putting on hooded Bajas. Go ahead and create a fashion statement in any 80s theme party with these 80s fashion items and costumes.

    #5: 80s Rappers’ Fashion
    Dress like the 80s rappers for an 80s theme party. This is an attention-getting costume for a theme party. These musicians largely wore athletic kind of clothing that their fans didn’t delay to copy and turn into a fashion trend. A typical idea is to wear jumpsuit with shell-toe trainers or sneakers to match.
    Go ahead and experiment with the above 80’s costumes and fashion.



  • Tips for Stunning DIY 70’s Costumes

    Tips for Stunning DIY 70’s Costumes

    If you have a themed party to attend, or thinking of what would be a perfect and unique outfit for Halloween, decades’ costumes would quickly come to mind. And, one of the decades that experienced massive fashion explosion in a glamorous and sophisticated manner was the 70s. Keep reading to find great tips for replicating your own 70’s costumes.

    Varieties of Options to Choose From
    The Seventies offered tons of fashion options to choose from. From disco look to hippie appearance, you can become today’s 70’s fashionista with your unique 1970s costumes.
    Well, if you don’t want a too-popular 70s fashion trend, you may not want to opt for the hippie and disco looks complemented with platform shoes. You only need to get more creative so that you can come up with a unique seventies costume. Well, as you brainstorm for your unique ‘70s look, don’t forget to also factor in hairdo that suits a typical 70s look.

    Getting Inspiration
    Consider browsing through grannies photos for some first-hand ideas for your 1970s fashion statement. Also, check out the popular iconic stars who lived in this era to get even more elaborate fashion statement inspiration.
    And, when it comes to where to look for the right clothing items and accessories, vintage stores and online costume stores should be your first port of call. When you’re done collecting your 70s clothing items and accessories, remember that a groovy attitude will complement your 70’s costumes when you eventually step out in grand style.
    70s Clothing Items that Should be on Your List
    · Hot bellbottom pants and jeans, or just other hot pants
    · Scarf
    · Vest
    · Knee-high boots
    · Blouse
    · Sandals
    · Linen pants
    · Tunic top
    · Gold chain or medallion/beads
    · Dangly earrings or hoop earrings
    · Mood ring

    Create Your 70s Costumes

    Ideas for Women
    For unique 70s pants, get an old pair of pants and cut. Alternatively, find one in a vintage store. During this decade, this sort of hot pants was the staple for the female folks. Pair the hot pant with a matching vest worn over a billowy sleeved blouse.
    Next, tie a complementing scarf around your head and finish the look with a pair of knee-high boots. Now, Be ready to get a cheer as the Nancy Sinatra of our day with this 70s look!
    Ideas for Men
    The guys should dress up with a peasant shirt, tunic top or gown. Well, these clothing items are unisex anyway. A vintage store is a good place to check, or you can ransack grandma’s closet.
    Instead of jeans, go for linen pants, worn under the gown. This will accentuate the ethnic look, instead of the over-emphasized hippie look.
    Finally, make sure you wear 70s hairdo as seen on Farrah Fawcett, to complete your unique 70’s costumes and fashion expression.



  • 70’s Costumes – What You Should Do to Really Look 70s

    70’s Costumes – What You Should Do to Really Look 70s

    Decades’ costumes are great way to stand out from the pack, whether it is Halloween season, themed party or holiday fashion statement. Gratefully, some online stores are solely dedicated to offering vast selections of these costumes, including 70’s costumes. Learn what you should do to replicate this era’s look effectively.

    Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Pants
    Knowing what men and women wore on their bottom during the seventies is one of the steps towards creating an ideal seventies look. In this case, bell bottom pants and jeans were quite trendy and came in different patterns and forms.
    So, bell bottom pants and jeans should be in your list as you plan to look 70s for Halloween or a themed party. In addition, women popularly wore one piece jump suits with flare ends. Also, women in this era wore mini-skirts and mini-dresses massively.

    Tip #2: Wear the Right Upper Clothing
    For any 70s costumes to be complete, some tops are must-wear. Top in the list include polyester collared-shirts with flared sleeves. Satin shirts and vests were also seen easily on men and women alike during this era. These are disco fashions worn to reflect disco hall lights.
    Men in this era and even women often adorn themselves with suede suit jackets. They wore vests or unbuttoned shirts under the jackets, complemented with moccasins, boots and platform shoes.
    Animal prints and pictures were popular features seen on shirts and pants that people wore during the seventies. So, highlight your 1970s fashion by integrating these prints or patterns on your Halloween or themed party shirts and pants.

    Tip #3: Use the Right Kind of Accessories
    You can’t talk of 70’s costumes and fashion without including gaudy chains and bracelets. The iconic stars of the time wore gold medallions with peace symbols, while the female folks were often seen with bogus and dangling earrings, or the hoop type of earrings.
    Scarf tied around the hair was another popular feature for women in this era. The scarf usually complements the entire outfit both in terms of color and material or pattern. Beads are also common and women wore multiple beads as bracelets and as neck fashion items.

    Tip #4: Style Your Hair to Look 70s
    Your seventies look will be incomplete without a hairstyle that screams 70s! Luckily, it doesn’t require much to style your hair like the 70s did. Simply wear your hair long and straightened. You can draw inspiration for a perfect 70s hair from Farrah Fawcet.

    Tip #5: Platform Shoes are a Must
    You can’t be posing a 70s look without wearing platform shoes, no. You can only boast of a complete seventies look by accentuating your 70s costumes with platform shoes or high-knee boots.
    Indeed, you will look stunningly 70s with these helpful tips for perfect 70s costumes and look.


  • 50s Costumes – 5 Tips and Ideas to Replicate American 50s Fashion for Men

    50s Costumes – 5Tips and Ideas to Replicate American 50s Fashion for Men

    Just like women, the Post World War II ushered in some fashion trends for men in the American fashion arena. Some of those fashions barely come to mind again, while some have refused to fade away. Keep reading to get inspiration for men’s 50s costumes and clothes.

    Tip #1: Go for Fitted Suit

    The suits sewn and worn during this era were narrower and came with slim cigarette leg pants, plus a sack coat style or shape. Typical example is the Brooks Brother’s suit. Most men went for the charcoal grey option of these fitted suits. To complete this 50s attire, you should wear a narrow plain tie on a white shirt.

    Tip #2: Know What 50s Shirts are in Vogue

    In the 50s, men were driven by situation fashions as well. In essence, certain styles were worn at some points, particularly by certain people. And, this also became a fashion trend for many men who lived during this period. Some of the shirts that were popular among the male folks included;

    · Plaid and Khaki shirts
    · Button-down oxford cloth shirts with collars, usually seen with students.
    · T-shirts – but these were usually worn underneath a shirt as an undershirt. And, in the summer. box shirts and Hawaiian shirts were the staple for men.

    Tip #3: Forget about the Hat

    Hat is really not a serious part of the 50s costumes and fashion. Men wore hats as fashion items prior to the war. However, at the dawn of the 50s, hat dwindled in popularity. This was because the male folks found hats bothersome while driving. So, if you’re seeking to look more 50s with your fashion statement, then you should ditch the hat.

    Tip #4: Embrace the 50s Fashion Pants

    As a man trying to bring back the 50s fashion with your 50's costumes, you should also embrace or go for the pant styles that were popular back in the days. Here are some great ideas about the pant styles you can copy to look 50s;

    · Cigarette pants with slim legs
    · Jeans – Often worn outdoor. However, the younger male folks wore jeans as regular clothes
    · Bermuda shorts – these were more of summer clothing items

    Tip #5: Wear the 50s Men’s Haircut
    Your 50s costumes and fashion couldn’t be more complete without the haircut and hairdo that men in the 50s were often seen with. Often, men wore short haircut during the 50s. Well, this trend changed a bit at the close of the decade, but haircut for men was still off the ears in terms of length.

    However, if you prefer to keep your hair longer, you should wear the greased pompadour style. A famous hairstyle in the 50s you can copy is Elvis Presley’s.





  • 60s Costumes – Best Ideas for Accessories

    60s Costumes – Best Ideas for Accessories and Hairstyles to Complement a Hippie Girl Look

    Your 60s hippie girl look may not capture the total picture of the sixties fashion without the right hairstyle and accessories to match. This article will show you great ideas and tips to complement your 60s costumes and hippie look with the right hairstyle and accessories.

    Use a Headband or Headscarf
    When it comes to decorating your hair to look sixties, headbands and headscarves are among the most suitable accessories. Choose white or other bright plain color headband or colorful scarf and tie it around your head to pass across your forehead in a horizontal manner.

    Make a Statement with Your Pieces of Jewelry
    Adding a couple of statement pieces of jewelry to your 60s costumes and fashion is a smart and attention-grabbing thing to do. The classic “love beads” symbol will be more suitable, and also the symbols that depict peace. Alternatively, you can settle for bold and colorful jewelry pieces constructed with wood, leather or other natural materials.

    Wear Ankle Bracelets
    60s hippie girls also wore ankle bracelets that feature bells. They did this for the fun of it, and also to make a musical statement, since the musical world and music stars largely influenced the fashion trends in this era. Alternatively, you can put on anklet with peace or love symbol.

    Wear Round Shades and Large Hat
    It was popular to see girls donning on round sunglasses alongside big hats. This would be even more appropriate on a sunny day. Wear a floppy and wide sunhat to complement the look. A top hat will also offer you the same look. Even if it is not a sunny day, these 60's costumes’ accessories are also great. You can draw inspiration from John Lennon or Stevie Nicks.

    Grow Your Hair Out
    60s costumes and fashion to copy a 60s hippie girl is better complemented with grown out hair worn in a natural way. This hairstyle should be something close to messy and grown out hair to make it look more natural. Make a middle parting on the hair or create bang in front.
    For kinky or curly hair, style it to provide as much volume as possible, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing wild mane curls or afro. Decorate the hair with a garland of flowers or stick a natural flower to your hair to complete the look.
    Finally, to make your 60s hippie girl look more complete, your choice of footwear should be moccasins, boots, or sandals. The boot should feature tons of fringe detail. For a typical hippie look, going barefoot will be the sole option.
    The best part is that these 60s costumes tips and tricks are suitable for virtually all occasions – themed party, funfair, Halloween or even mood dressing.


  • 4 Top 20s Costumes Features and Elements that Should Inspire Your 20s Fashion

    4 Top 20s Costumes Features and Elements that Should Inspire Your 20s Fashion

    Decade fashions are fast returning into today's fashion arena. Today, it is not uncommon to see men and women, boys and girls, old and young replicating 20s costumes and other decades' costumes with their Halloween dresses, themed party costumes, and even regular wears.
    So, in order to come up with the best possible 1920s fashion, you need to familiarize yourself with the common fashion features and elements of this era's fashion. Read on to to learn about these features and elements.

    #1: No More Corsets
    Because of the quest for gender rights, women in the 20s showed a drastic change in their attitudes towards fashion. They started dressing loosely. They also ditched their corsets for camisoles and simpler inner wears. It was also during this era that women began to wear pants/trousers in their quest for equal gender rights. The blouses and tops worn by women in this era became slimmer and shorter to highlight their feminine features as opposed by the society.

    #2: Certain Fabrics were More Popular
    Also, in order to typically dress like people in the 20s, you need to know the prevailing fabrics, especially among the female folks. Often, chiffon, taffeta, silk and a couple of other fabrics were easily seen on women, even with their casual and particularly evening wears. Also, women in this era largely sought after clothes without buckles and buttons for increased ease and convenience. So, try to integrate these materials and styles into your 20s dresses and fashion.
    #3: Loose-fitting Clothing
    Men and women in the era under review were also seen with Loose-fitting clothing such as baggy pants and shorts, as well as dress-shirts. The waistlines were also dropped and loose. Again, lean, long flat-chested silhouette was the order of the day. You can add a modern touch to your 20s loose fitting clothing. It's also important to point out that flowery patterns and designs were also embraced by 1920s women in their clothing.

    #4: Loud Accessories and Makeup
    Loud accessories such as long chains and colorful bands and scarves were popularly seen back in the 20s. Also, women wore heavy and obvious makeups in the attempt to showcase their freedom from what the society considers modest and norm for women. Young men in particular also wore long chains and other loud accessories. Hats were equally essential features of the 20s Fashion for both men and women. Therefore, your 20s costumes and fashion won't be complete without a sort of loud accessories.
    Finally, slicked-back short hair was a popular hairdo that complemented the 20s costumes and attires beautifully.



  • Women’s 80’s Costumes for a Memorable Party

    Women’s 80’s Costumes for a Memorable Party – How Should You Dress?

    Theme parties are both fun and popular. These days, 80s theme parties come up every now and then. And, if you’re invited to one, you may be completely lost about what to wear for such party. Not to worry, you will learn great ideas for 80’s costumes and fashion to make the party a memorable one for you. Keep reading.

    Tip #1: Consider Creating Your Own Outfit from the Scratch
    Start by shaping your outfit. In the 80s, different trends of fashions were in vogue and people experimented with different styles. For women, the trend of wearing big top on a small bottom was popular. Often, women paired an oversized shirt with a mini skirt. They also wore the big tops on tightly-fitted leggings or pants.
    So, you can use what you have to get what you want. Cut the neck of your oversized sweatshirt off to create an off-the shoulder style. This will give you one of the popular 80’s looks. You can complement this 80 costume party wear with a brightly colored tank top underneath. Alternatively, you can go online and select from cute 80’s costumes and 80s dresses for 80s theme party.

    Tip #2: Create Shoulder Pads
    Women’s clothing in the 80s highly featured shoulder pads. And, it’s better when the shoulder pads are bigger. So, for a more realistic 80s party dress, make or buy a shoulder pad for your shirt or dress.

    80s Party Girl Dress 80s Party Girl Dress

    Tip #3: Experiment with Colors
    A good number of the fashionistas in the 80s settled for bright color, bold combinations. Particularly, neon colors were widely sought-after. Complement your top and bottom with a bit of contrasting color. Here’s an instance; Use a pink or bright yellow belt and stocky earrings to accentuate your electric blue pants.
    Another idea to contrast your 80’s costumes colors is to add contrast to bright colors. Think of putting varieties of bright colors together, especially if you can’t easily lay your hand on a matching outfit. Experiment with multiple colors, about four bright different colors. You can wear brightly colored tights under your mini skirt, topping it with different colored legwarmer.

    Tip #4: Go for an 80s Punk Appearance
    Settling for the 80s punk look is another great idea for a memorable 80s theme party. In this case, denim should be your target. Consider putting on a denim jacket on a denim mini skirt.
    Another great idea is to combine lace and denim. This is a classic 1980s look, especially when you match denim acid-wash jeans with a lace top. You can also wear the lace top on a denim miniskirt.
    Indeed, appearing stunning with your 80’s costume for 80s themed party takes only little effort and few tricks.

  • The Value of Halloween Costumes

    The Value of Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is a special holiday in the United States, where people come dressed in various attires, coming together to celebrate with one another. The history of this holiday dates back to the ancient Celtic over 2000 years ago, and its ground breaking entrance into the united states has completely changed the entire meaning of what the ancient Celtic people knew it to be. The Halloween holiday is somewhat associated with scary stories about ghost goblins and monsters, the myth behind these stories is that on Halloween day which is always celebrated on the 31st of October annually the veil between the spirit world and the real world is always at its thinnest which allows some of these ghosts or monsters sneak and disturb the living and by midnight they return back till the following year.

    In recent times the Halloween holiday is now associated with “trick or treat” which is the most used term during this period especially among children. Children are known to go from house to house saying trick or treat with believe of getting some candy from their neighbors. Halloween has become a commercial holiday in America just like Christmas New Year and Easter, during the Halloween holiday based on estimates, America spends up to six billion dollars during this holiday yearly. Aside candy and sweet treat, the other market taking the whole Halloween experience is the costumes.

    Without the Halloween costumes, the holiday is not close to getting started. The candy and sweet treat dont take as much from the purse of Americans as the costumes. The Halloween costume is the pride of the holiday itself. Everybody wants to come out unique, wearing a top notch costume that will make such an individual stand out. From children to adults everyone has a costume, whether you are in your 20s, or 70s there is a costumes for you, if you are a boy, or girl a man or a woman there is a costume for you. In the past, people always dress in a monstrous way, wearing ghost costume or the costumes of characters from scary movies. But recently that whole ideology has changed totally, people dont only wear scary costumes anymore, they can also wear lookalike costumes of their favorite characters, actors, musicians, politicians or mentors.

    During this holiday people are mostly concerned about what they wear, they spend so much time to figure out the best look to put on. A lot of organizations such as schools, firms etc. organize competition for the best costumes attached with an awesome prize for the winner and this motivates people to put in a lot of effort to create the best costume ever. The demand for Halloween costumes has led to the establishment of retail shops alongside the creation of online shopping websites specially designed for the Halloween costumes alone. The profit producers and retailers get from selling these products is outstanding making the Halloween costume business a sure path for an interested individual to explore.



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